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Telltale Odors Of Something Really Wrong With Your Central Electric Heating System

With the ability to be in direct control of how warm you stay and how much power you use, central heating systems are one of the more preferred types of home heating available. While most of these central heat systems will serve a home for many years, occasionally, there are things that can go wrong that will need the attention of a heating repair service. Luckily, there are many central heating issues that will initially show symptoms by the odors that are radiated from the unit. Here are a few telltale odors of a faulty central heat system and what these odors could mean. 

Your central heat system is radiating a funky odor similar to dirty socks. 

You settle in for a nice cozy evening at home only to discover that there is something bad floating from your ductwork--and it smells like stinky socks. You may think that your dirty laundry has somehow managed to be so strong that it grew legs and hitched into the heating system, but this smell is actually caused by mildew. If moisture makes its way into your central heating unit and is allowed to sit until it stagnates, mildew will form in the darkened crevices. To eliminate this odor, it will usually take a skilled professional to dissect the system and track down the source of the problem. 

When you kick on the heat, the odor of urine fills the room. 

The last thing you want to smell when you stand in front of your heating vent is anything that smells like urine. But, if you have a pest issue in your ducts, which is a common problem in houses that have been sitting empty for a while, urine is most likely what you will smell. This is because mice and rodents will bed in the insulation that surrounds your ducts, often burrowing right through to the inside where it is dark and warm. The good news is, the pests will probably be easy to find by the pest control agent. The bad new? You may have to have your ducts completely replaced if the damage is too severe.  

There is an odd odor of melting rubber funneling through the vent system in your house. 

The smell of melting rubber is not an odor that you want to mess around with anytime it is coming from an electrical component--especially your home heat system in which all parts are not always visible. The smell of melting rubber could mean that you have an electrical wire exposed and it is coming in contact with something plastic. Turn your heat off at the main power source and call a professional (such as one from Chappel's Heating & Cooling) for immediate attention.