Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

Three Tips To Maintain Your HVAC System

Were you aware that close to 50 percent of the energy in your home can be attributed to your heating and cooling system? Because of this, you owe it to yourself to take great care of all heating and cooling equipment in your home, no matter what kind of system you have. Follow the great tips below so that you can make the most of the way that heating and cooling service is carried out in your home. 

Change Your HVAC Filters On Schedule

Any time that you want to be sure your HVAC system is cared for, you will need to keep your filters changed frequently. These filters block out debris from entering your HVAC system, and will make it so that your airflow is completely unrestricted. While every system is different, you will get the best results by having these heating and cooling filters changed at least one time every month to month-and-a-half. You will also notice that your HVAC filters are useful in keeping your airflow clean, so that you are not breathing in debris that can trigger symptoms with your allergies and nasal passages.

Undergo Some Monthly Maintenance Tips

When you want your HVAC parts to remain in great condition, one of the best things you can do for yourself is remember some monthly maintenance steps. For one, you should take a look at your refrigerant lines to be sure that you have enough fluid and that you are not dealing with any sort of leaks. You should also be sure to turn off the water supply to your humidifier during the summer months and turn it back on during the fall. Keep your temperatures level on a regular basis, so that you are not wasting any energy in your home.

Hire An HVAC Contractor For Yearly Inspections

To be sure that your HVAC components are working properly, you will need to have the frequent help of a contractor. The best thing they can do is inspect your system on an annual basis, so that you are not allowing any parts to break down on you. These contractors should also inspect the system to make sure that it is not accumulating mold or mildew, which is sometimes a byproduct of dealing with HVAC systems, since they deal with moisture on a regular basis.  

Keep these points of information in mind and use them to take care of your HVAC system. To learn more, contact a heating and air company like Nebraska Heating & Air.