Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

Be Nice To Your Lungs And Clean Your Ducts Regularly

Ducts can be a hidden danger in your home if they are not maintained properly. While changing your filter regularly is an important part of keeping your ducts clean, proper filter maintenance is not enough. In order to keep your ducts optimally clean, you need to inspect your ducts frequently and have them cleaned whenever there is a need. 

Problems Caused by Dirty Ducts

While caked-on dirt and grime inside your ducts can interfere with the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, the main problem with dirty ducts is the risk they pose to your health. All kinds of air contaminants, including dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, dead insect carcasses, dead skin cells, and mold spores, can build up inside of your ducts. Any one of these pollutants could cause problems for your breathing, but as they build up in your ducts, they can make the air quality in your home worse than the outside air in some cases. Furthermore, if you live in a humid area, the dirt and grime in your ducts can get caked on and provide a foundation for mold and mildew to start growing in your ducts. Because some molds can be toxic, you will want to make sure that this does not happen. 

How Ducts Get Dirty

Not all contaminants enter your ducts through your intake vent, so simply changing your filter will not prevent your ducts from getting dirty. Some contaminants enter your ducts through the outlet vents when your furnace or AC unit is not running. Furthermore, a filter will not screen out all contaminants, so some contaminants will get into your ducts through the inlet side.

How to Inspect Your Ducts

You do not need a scope to search all the way down your ducts. If you have dust bunnies clinging to the vents throughout your house, take it as a good sign that you have dirty ducts. You can also remove vents in your house and look down the first few feet of the ducts. If you see signs of build-up, it is time for a duct cleaning. 

Rather than trying air duct cleaning on your own, you should trust the job to professionals. They will have special brushes and and a high-powered vacuum which they can use to clean the full length of your ducts—a task that you simply would not be equipped to do on your own. Rather than risk chronic lung infections or asthma attacks, you owe it to yourself and your family to keep your ducts clean.