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3 Signs Your Commercial Cooler Or Freezer Needs Repair

Whether you own a restaurant, bakery, or a commercial kitchen, even the smallest issue with your commercial cooler or freezer can become a huge problem if not addressed right away. In addition to the expense of having to replace food, there is a real threat that you could cause an outbreak of food borne illness with your customers if your cooler or freezer is malfunctioning and not keeping food at the proper temperature.

If you have a commercial freezer and cooler in your place of business, it is important to be diligent and pay attention to how your equipment is working. Some common signs that your cooler and freezer are in need of prompt repair include:

Excess Condensation

When you open or walk in to your commercial freezer or cooler, take a look at the back wall. If you notice that there is excess condensation collecting in this area, it means that a lot of warm air is getting in. The problem could be as simple as the door not shutting properly, but your cooler or freezer may also need to have the sealing around the doors replaced to create a tighter seal to keep warm air out. The problem could also stem from a malfunction with the mechanism that regulates temperature. In this situation your best bet is to contact an HVAC technician who is experienced in commercial cooler and freezer repairs to get to the root of the problem.

Food Not Staying Fresh or Frozen

Keeping perishables at the right temperature and ensuring that frozen items stay completely frozen is one of the major keys of food safety. If perishable items, such as fruits, vegetables, or dairy products are not lasting as long as they should, or if frozen products are beginning to defrost while being stored in the freezer, you should call a repairman as quickly as possible. When a freezer or cooler is much warmer than it should be, there is most likely a mechanical problem that requires repair or a part that needs to be replaced.

Compressor Runs All of The Time

If the compressor for your cooler or freezer is running all of the time, it means that it is having to work harder than normal to try to maintain the proper temperature. This could point to several problems, such as an air leak, frosted over evaporator coils, dirty evaporator coils, or a coolant leak. Since it is hard to determine what is causing a compressor to run constantly, just call a repairman to diagnose and fix the problem.

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