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Three Easy-To-Notice Signs That Your Air Conditioner Could Be In Trouble

Your home's air conditioner plays a central role in keeping you and your family members feeling cool and refreshed throughout the dog days of summer. If the system breaks down, however, the cool temperature in your home can quickly climb until you're able to get an air conditioner repair technician to your home to assess and fix the problem. It's beneficial to be able to recognize the early warning signs that something is wrong with the A/C. When you detect something, you can quickly shut off the system to reduce the risk of further damage and schedule your repair call. Here are three warning signs that you should know to watch for.

Inexplicable Rise In Your Cooling Bill

You should have a pretty good sense of how much your cooling bills will cost you at any given month throughout the year. Although energy prices and your family's use of electronics can cause your bills to fluctuate, it's typically easy to know if either scenario is affecting your bill. If you're faced with a bill that is higher than normal and you can't find an explanation for it, there's a chance that your air conditioner is causing the problem. When the A/C is experiencing issues, it can lose some degree of its efficiency; this can mean that the system runs longer than it should to cool your house, thus elevating your energy usage.

Difficulty Keeping Your House Cool

If you find that you're constantly monitoring your thermostat and finding that the house is taking a long time to get as cool as you'd like, it could be because of a problem with the air conditioner. Whether there's an issue with the fan or a low level of refrigerant, the system will have trouble lowering the interior temperature to your desired level. This will often mean that you could notice the A/C constantly running without providing much in the way of results.

Unhealthy Noises

When an air conditioner is running properly, it generates very little noise beyond a low-level hum. When issues arise, you'll often hear noises that are concerning. You could hear squealing, rattling or clicking – each of these noises can suggest a different type of issue with your air conditioner. Squeaking, for example, can indicate a problem with the fan or belt; rattling often means that a moving part has worked its way loose through vibration. Regardless of the noise, your repair technician will find the cause of the problem and get it fixed for you.

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