Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

2 Ways To Improve Your Central AC's Efficiency – Without Touching The Air Conditioner

Air conditioner efficiency can help keep your home more comfortable during the hot summer months without running up your utility bills. Conducting regular maintenance on your central air conditioner can help improve the unit's efficiency as can hiring an air conditioning services company to conduct a deeper pre-season clean in the spring.

But there are other ways that you can combat air conditioner inefficiency that don't involve touching the air conditioner unit.

Improve the Building Envelope's Insulation

Building envelope refers to all of the parts of the house that separate your interior living space from the outside world, which include the walls, the floors, the doors, the roof, and the windows. Improving the insulation in any weak areas of your building envelope can greatly improve the efficiency of both your heating and cooling systems.

You can test the insulation of the walls and doors on any windy day. Walk along the doors and walls focusing mainly on areas near the windows. Can you feel the breeze through the closed door or through the wall? Does the interior of the surface of the wall or door feel warm despite the fact that you have the cooling system turned on? You could have a lack of proper insulation. Call a general contractor for evaluation and assistance.

Does the upper story or attic of your home have a breeze on windy days? You might also need additional roof insulation. Does the upper level become overly stuffy or hot? You might have too much insulation in the upper level or not enough ventilation in the roof. Call new roof installation contractors for assistance.

While windows do serve as part of the building envelope, choosing energy efficient windows deserves its own discussion.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

Stand near your closed windows on a breezy day. Can you feel the breeze coming through the glass panes? You need to replace your windows with a more energy efficient model.

Installing energy efficient windows can also help maximize the function of your central air conditioner. Energy efficient windows ensure that the cold air stays inside and the hot air stays outside.

A few different variables determine the overall energy efficiency of a window. The first is the material that makes up the frame with wood and vinyl as the most efficient materials due to the insulating properties and aluminum frames as the least efficient.

The number of panes of glass in the window makes a difference and two panes are typically the minimum. Those panes can also be filled with a clear gas to further up the insulation and efficiency or coated with a low-e material.

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