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3 Sounds That Signal An Air Conditioner In Trouble

Your home's air conditioner has the crucial role of cooling down your home during some of the hottest times in the summer. When running properly, an air conditioner is fairly quiet and doesn't produce any noises to be concerned about. However, these noises should be a reason to be concerned.


Is there a constant thumping noise that is coming from your air conditioner air handler when it is running? This means that the blades of the blower fan are hitting something as they spin around.

Investigate the problem by opening the air handler and locating the fan blades. Do you see an object that could be obstructing the path of the unit's fan blades? If so, you'll need to clear that debris out of there since it is interfering with how the air conditioner operates.


A squealing sound from the air conditioner could mean a couple of things. The first potential problem could be with the belt drive that moves that blower fan. This part can wear out or become loose over time, and it will eventually require replacement or adjustment. This will naturally happen due to the tension that is put on the belt, which is what causes wear.

If the unit's belt drive is not the problem, then the motor in the blower could need lubrication. If you ignore this problem the motor could fail due to the heat that is generated from unnecessary friction.


Your air conditioner will make clicking sounds as it is turned off and on during the day. The sound you do not want to hear is rapid clicking in quick succession. This is a sign of a short cycling problem, which will cause the lifespan of an air conditioner to be reduced if ignored.

This problem will require having a professional inspect the system and figure out what is wrong. It could be due to low refrigerant levels, not having the right sized unit for your home, or thermostat problems, Clicking can also be due to a faulty relay switch, which is another part that takes the expertise of a professional to swap out.

These are just a few noises that your air conditioner could be making. If your air conditioner is making so many sounds that repairing them is not viable, it may be time to get a new air conditioner installed so that you can enjoy the cool air in peace once again. Contact a company like Pristine Air Conditioning Corp for more information and assistance.