Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

Natural Ways to Help Cool Your House

If you are having problems with your AC, you want to get that call out to an HVAC company right away. Especially if it has been very hot in the area, you may have to wait a bit for a technician to get to your home. You should learn about some natural ways to keep things cooled down in your home as much as possible until you are able to have your AC repaired, so you can begin using it again. Here are some of the natural ways to cool the inside of your home:

Get a good cross breeze going: If you open a single window or door in your home, or you open ones that are all on the same side of the house, then you may notice that it doesn't do very much to bring cool air in the house. In order to get a good breeze going, you will need to open windows and doors on opposite sides of a room. However, you also want to make sure the breeze you bring in is going to be cool. If you are dealing with an outside temperature of 110 degrees, then you aren't going to want to do more to invite that air inside and may do best by leaving the windows closed.

Roll up your rugs: If you have hard flooring throughout your house, then you want to take advantage of this fact when it comes to naturally keeping the interior of your home cooler. Hard flooring can bring down the temperature of the inside of your house, so you can expose as much of the hard flooring as possible during the hotter months and put down rugs to hide the hard flooring during the colder months of the year.

Trap the cool air: Make sure you keep the cool air you have in your house inside. This means closing doggy doors and all other places air can get out once you have achieved a good temperature. Let everyone in the house know that they need to squeeze quickly out the doors and close them quickly behind them, so they don't allow the house to warm up while you are waiting for the Ac tech to be able to get out to your home. You may want to put notes on the exterior doors to remind everyone of the importance of not leaving them open for the cool air to escape.

To learn more about how to cool your home, contact AC services in your area.