Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

Pinpointing Central Heating System Problems

A warm house makes getting dressed on cold days feel more comfortable, especially you can achieve the exact temperature that you desire. The bad thing about cold homes is that the often make it difficult to get out of bed, as many people feel like sleeping longer when it is cold. If you find it hard to get up and get dressed for work or school each day because your central heater stopped working, it is time to speak to an HVAC technician about the problem. He or she should be able to get to the bottom of the problem in no time so repairs can be made. Below, discover some of the things that can cause central heating systems to stop making a house warm.

Normal Wear from Being Overused

It is normal for a central heater to stop working after it has been used for a long time. If you are the kind of person that runs the system all throughout the day, it is possible that overuse is the reason for the system going out. However, a nonworking central heater doesn't necessarily mean that installing a new one is needed. Parts that are worn out from being overused can usually be replaced by a technician without a problem. He or she might even be able to repair some of the damaged parts to avoid purchasing new ones.

Wrong Settings on the Thermostat

It is important to get the thermostat checked to find out if it is the reason why your central heater doesn't work. If you can actually hear the system running but cannot feel any heat, it can be due to a thermostat problem. The temperature that you are setting might not be accurate if the thermostat has a broken needle. If there is no sound coming from the system when it is on, you might need a new thermostat installed. The thermostat is vital because it controls the entire heating system.

Damage to the Vital Furnace Parts

The root of a central heating system is the furnace, as it is where heat is actually produced. The most common and easiest problem to fix with a malfunctioning furnace is to get the pilot reignited. A pilot is important because it creates a flame that causes combustion to take place and send heat into the heating system. The thermocouple could be the problem if your furnace runs off of gas. The reason why is because the thermocouple signals the gas valve to send fuel into the burner.