Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

Why You Should Have A Professional Replace Your Old Heating System

Need to replace your old heating system with a new one? Here's why you should hire a professional to do the job for you:

Catch Problems Right Away

Having a professional replace your old heating system with a new one will help ensure that any small problems that are present, or that develop during installation, are caught and addressed immediately. Whether it's a malfunctioning wire or an incorrect filter size, you can count on your service provider to fix any issues that might affect the performance of your new heating system so you don't end up having to make adjustments or repairs that could have been prevented from the get-go.

And unless you're an HVAC expert, you may overlook an important step or improperly connect a part while installing your new heating system. A professional knows exactly what needs to be done, so they'll be a lot less likely to cause problems during installation that will have to be addressed at a later time.

Avoid Voiding Your Warranty

If your new heating system is installed improperly or a component is accidentally left out during installation, your manufacturer warranty may become voided. If this happens, you'll be financially responsible for any repairs that might be needed, even if they are due to a malfunction. Having a professional replace your old heating system will help ensure that your new heater's warranty isn't voided for any reason throughout the installation process. Your service provider may be able to offer you an extended warranty for your new heating system that provides you with extra financial protection, should something go wrong that requires replacements or repairs in the coming years.

Learn About Effective Maintenance

Having the opportunity to learn how to effectively maintain your new heating system is another big benefit of hiring a professional to do the installation for you. While you'll likely be provided with basic maintenance instructions from the manufacturer, you can gain expert insight from your service technician that will help you optimize the performance of your system and minimize the need for repairs as time goes on.

From cleaning tips to filter replacement guidance, your service provider will provide you with the information you need to create an effective maintenance plan that you can customize to your liking and use throughout the life of your heating system. And because your service provider will get to know your new heating system during installation, they'll be able to easily and professionally maintain and troubleshoot your system for you when necessary.