Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

4 Routine Summer AC Maintenance Tips To Prevent Failure During Hot Weather That Leads To Costly Repairs

As the summer heat causes your air conditioner to run more frequently, you are going to need maintenance done. Doing the routine maintenance your AC needs during the summer months will help prevent failures and ensure you stay cool. Some of the things that need to be done include changing the air filter, inspecting ductwork, and keeping the condensing unit clean and free of outdoor debris. Here are some routine AC maintenance tips that will help you avoid summer AC failure and costly repairs.

1. Performing Routine Maintenance on Filters and Ductwork For Good Air Flow

There are many tasks that need to be done to maintain your air conditioner, and changing the air filter regularly is one of them. In addition to regular air filter changes, you also want to routinely inspect the ductwork for signs of damage, especially during the summertime when animals may seek refuge and damage ducts.  

2. Understanding Thermostat Maintenance Needs And Settings For Hot Weather

During the summertime, you want to be sure that your AC thermostat has good batteries and is working properly. In addition, it is a good idea to adjust the settings of your thermostat for more efficient AC operation during extreme heat. This means that you want to set the AC a few degrees higher to reduce strain on your system when do you use it most.

3. Keeping Your Condensing Unit Free Of Debris That Causes Summer AC Problems

The conditioning unit of your AC is another area where you want to do routine maintenance during the summer months period. This is because the condensing unit can freeze, which can cause damage to components like the compressor and coils of your AC. Clean this outdoor unit and make sure it is free of debris from trees and dust.

4. Knowing The Signs Of Summer AC Problems And Turning The System Off To Prevent Damage

The best way to prevent damage to your AC during the summer months is to be familiar with the problems and turn the AC off in time. This means you want to turn your AC off if you notice ice forming on components or if the system is blowing warm air and not cooling as it should. When you have one of these problems you will want to contact an HVAC technician to have them help with the maintenance and repair that needs to be done.

These are some summer AC maintenance tips that will help you avoid the costly repairs that come with AC failures. If you need help with maintenance and repairs for your air conditioner, contact an HVAC service like I C E Heating & Cooling to ensure you stay cool the rest of the summer.