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What's Up With Your Water Heater?

Your home's water heater should be a reliable source of hot water for your home. There are some circumstances that can cause this unit to operate poorly or unreliably. Rather than live with cold water when you least expect it, learn what's up with your water heater so you can call for HVAC services right away.

Yucky water

Is your tap running some foul water? Does your water look murky, brown, red, or appear to be clear but have small bits of debris in it? Does this only seem to happen with the hot water supply, not the cold water coming out of your tap?

If so, this is a sign your water heater is failing on you. Most likely, your water heater is full of sediment from your town's water supply and just needs to be drained and re-filled. This is something your HVAC specialist can do for you as part of your water heater's regular maintenance.

Rumbling noises

Your water heater should make a quiet humming or hissing sound when it's working — this means your appliance is doing its job supplying you another tank of readily hot water. However, your water heater shouldn't clank, rumble, shake, grind, groan, or make a variety of odd sounds or movements that are noticeable in other areas of the house.

A plumbing fixture could be loose with your water heater, or perhaps your appliance is older and is simply wearing out. The longer you let the rumbling continue, the more repairs your water heater will need, so call your HVAC specialist as soon as you notice anything odd with your water heater's performance.

No water

Lack of hot water entirely is a sign your water heater is failing. Your water heater's heating element may not have enough power to sufficiently warm up your water heater, or your water heater may be failing to operate at all. Sometimes, a water heater will supply random and unreliable hot water, keeping you from knowing when your hot water supply will run out.

Since lack of hot water is a major concern, your HVAC specialist will give your water heater a full inspection. Your water heater may need to be replaced entirely, which can be beneficial to you. Sometimes a new water heater is the best solution for providing efficient and energy-saving water to your home. Your water heater service will help you select a new water heater for your needs.