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3 Reasons Why You Want To Install Radiant Heat Flooring In Your Home

Does your home always feel cold in the winter? Are you getting ready to do a remodeling project and install a new heating system in the hopes of actually feeling comfortable and not feeling like you have to bundle up inside? Whether you dislike the cold or you simply dislike feeling a cold chill in the morning when you wake up, installing a new heating system can help.  

But instead of simply installing a new furnace and hoping that helps, you should consider having a heating system installed in your floor. While you may not have thought about this or considered it if you have, this is a popular type of heating for a number of reasons. Some of the biggest reasons include the following. 

1. Heat rises: Too many homes actually have their forced-air heating vents tied in with the A/C ventilation system. Because of this, the air closer to the ceiling can be unbearably hot while the air at floor-level still feels ice-cold. You may then turn down the temperature on your thermostat because of overheating while feeling cold at the same time. On the other hand, radiant heat flooring is obviously installed in the floor. As the floor heats up, this heats up the air above it to produce a greater feeling of warmth.

2. Even heating: When you've got a forced-air heating system, the area of a room that is closest to the vents is often going to feel much warmer than the opposite side of the room. There's only so much you can do to make things better, such as having ceiling fans or tabletop fans blowing in an attempt to distribute the heat more evenly. With radiant heat flooring, this isn't a concern. No matter what type of system you ultimately choose, the heating elements will be installed evenly throughout the floor. Because of this, no single part of the room should be obviously warmer or obviously cooler than any other part.

3. Lower utility bills: With all of the issues regarding forced-air heating systems having hot/cold gradients within a single room, you may find yourself running the system longer or at a higher-than-comfortable temperature in an attempt to get more comfortable. These things will make your utility bills skyrocket as a result of the excess energy being used.

But with radiant heat flooring, you are able to keep 000the temperatures lower and use less energy due to the even heating effect. With many systems, you can even have per-room heating without wasting energy. Keep your living room comfortable in the evening while you watch TV, then turn on the heating in your bedroom just before you go to sleep for a comfortable night's rest.