Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

It Won't Be Long Now: How To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Spring

Winter may plan to hang on for a few more weeks, but spring will be here before you know it. When it does arrive, you'll need to take some action on your HVAC system. Spring is the time when you need to switch from the heater to the air conditioner.

Shut Down Your Heater

Once spring arrives and you no longer need the services of your heater, you'll need to make sure you shut it down properly. You don't want to just leave it sitting dormant until you need it again. There are certain steps you'll need to take to make sure your heater is protected until next fall.

Start With the Pilot Light

When it comes to shutting down your heater for the spring and summer, you'll need to start with the pilot light. You don't want the pilot to stay lit while your heater is no longer in use. Not only will you be wasting valuable money, you'll also be increasing your risk of furnace fires and gas leaks. To avoid those problems, put out the pilot light on your heater.

Clear Away the Dirt and Dust

If you're like most home owners, you've probably noticed a thick layer of dirt and dust that has built up on your heater over the past few months. Now that you'll be shutting down your heater for the spring and summer, take the time to give the area around your heater a deep cleaning. If you see signs of dirt and dust inside the main components of your heater, you'll need to have that area cleaned by your HVAC company.

Start Up Your Air Conditioner

Once you have your heater shut down properly, you'll need to take steps to get your air conditioner started up. You don't want to wait until summer to get your air conditioner ready, especially if you normally have a few warm days during the spring.

Do Some Maintenance

Before you start your air conditioner up for the first time this year, you should do some simple maintenance. You'll want to clean the coils to remove any dirt or mold that's collected while you weren't using the air conditioner during the winter. You'll also want to inspect the condensate line. If you can see a green film inside the line, flush it out with bleach. The green film is algae that has built up while your air conditioner was sitting dormant.

Replace the Filter

Now that you'll be switching from heater to air conditioner, it's a good time to replace the filter. You don't want to start spring with a dirty air filter, especially if you suffer from allergies. A clean filter will help you clear out the allergens that are in the air.

Schedule a Service Call

If you notice any problems with your heater or air conditioner while you're making the switch this spring, call your HVAC service provider, such as Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc, and schedule an appointment. An annual service call will help keep your entire system working efficiently.