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4 Ways To Deal With An Old Water Heater After Your New Heater Is Installed

When you have a new water heater installed in your home, you are going to need to do something with the old water heater that is left behind. You don't want to have the old water heater setting around your home for an extended time.

Sell Some of the Scrap Metal

You may be able to scrap your old water heater and get a little money out of it. Not all the parts of your water heater will have value at a scrap yard. Scrap yards like to purchase non-ferrous metals.

To test and figure out what parts of the water heater are non-ferrous, just test that part of the heater with a magnet. If the magnet sticks, then that is metal you can scrap. Parts of your water heater that you should be able to recycle include the fittings, pipes, and anode rod.

Call a Junk Removal Service

Next, you can call a junk removal service and have them pick up the water heater. Most junk removal services will come out to your home within days and remove the water heater for you. Some junk removal companies will charge you for the removal process, and others will not charge you. Be sure you know if you will have to pay any fees or not before they arrive.

Contact Your Local Garbage Service

Some garbage services will pick up special items if you give them a call. In some communities, a certain number of free "extra trash" pick-ups are included with the fees that you pay for your trash service. In other areas, you may have to pay a special fee in order to have your garbage company pick up the water heater.

If you choose this option, you are going to have to get the water heater out to your curb for pickup, so make sure you have a way of transporting the item to the curb.

Recycling Center

Many recycling companies or centers accept hot water heaters. Most recycling centers will charge you a fee to take your water heater; the fee is generally not large, but don't be surprised if you are expected to pay a nominal amount.

Some recycling centers will even send someone out to you to pick up the water heater. Others will require you to bring the water heater to them.

When you get your new water heater installed, make sure you have a plan for the old water heater. See if the company installing your new water heater can help you get the water heater to the curb or load it up into your vehicle if you have to transport or move the water heater. This is often easier to do when you have assistance.

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