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Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Heating System From Baseboards

Baseboard heating is a simple, individual heating design that is present in many types of homes. Older homes, in particular, may have baseboard heating, which is easy to spot: the heating baseboards are along the floors of individual rooms with thermostats to go with them. This allows for heating for different living spaces since each heater's thermostat only controls the individual heater assigned to it. When you don't want a room to be warmed, you simply don't turn the baseboard unit on.

While baseboard heating is present in many houses, it's not always the best heating solution for the home. If your home has baseboard heat, you may be ready to make an upgrade. Here are signs you need to change your heating system from baseboards to something else, like propane or gas heating or even a furnace of some type.

You can't get your home to stay warm

Baseboard heating is designed to be efficient, but the heat takes a while to warm up a room. If you have floors that are hardwood or otherwise not carpeted, are larger in design, or that have baseboards along window walls, then your heating efforts may come up short. If you can't keep your home warm with baseboard heat alone and find yourself using a fireplace, portable heaters, or other heating resources to keep the home warm, then you are going to have to start considering better heating options.

Your HVAC specialist will inspect your baseboard heaters to see if the actual units can be improved upon before suggesting new additions or replacements. In some cases, simply changing out electric baseboards for a more modern gas alternative can help to make your home warmer.

You spend a lot of money on heating

Baseboard heat can cost a lot of money to operate, especially if you have a lot of square footage to work with. If you are worried about your heating costs every year, then look for less costly alternatives. Sometimes gas heat is less expensive. It depends on the age of your home and how insulated your property is as well as how much square footage you are trying to keep warm when determining the best home heating options.

Your home can be left more energy efficient and more beneficial if you do your part to improve your heating system when the time is right. Baseboard heating may not be right for your home, and your HVAC specialist can help you upgrade as needed. Speak to a heating professional about your residential heating options.