Staying Up On Furnace Maintenance

Avoiding Signficant Problems With Your Home's Air Conditioning System

Ineffective air conditioning system maintenance can lead to serious performance issues for the system, but it can also create problems for the home itself. In fact, there are many types of damage or other issues that a poorly maintained air conditioner could have on your house.

Water Damage To The Home's Interior

One of the issues that may be easy to overlook is that a poorly maintained air conditioner system could actually cause water to start leaking into the house. This occurs when the condensate line becomes clogged or otherwise obstructed. Once this occurs, any water that collects in the system may back up until it starts to enter the home. This problem is particularly common for those with window units, but it can be an issue for any homeowner that has their AC system close to their home. Unfortunately, if the home suffers this type of damage, you may need to hire both an air conditioning service contractor and a water damage repair provider in order to restore the home.

Overloading The Electrical Breaker

An air conditioning system that is starting to experience electrical issues may start to overload the home's electrical breaker. This problem may not seem significant at first due to the ease of simply resetting the breaker. However, it can eventually cause major damage to the electrical system as a result of the sudden increases in the strain on the system. Assessing the source of this problem can be difficult due to the complexity of the electrical system. However, an air conditioning service contractor will be able to test the components of the system so that they can find the source of these problems. With their help, the system can be repaired as quickly as possible before serious electrical damage can occur.

Higher Energy Expenses

An air conditioning system will typically be one of the most energy-intensive appliances in a home. Unfortunately, performance problems or malfunctions can substantially increase the amount of energy that the system in needing to use. In turn, that can cause your home's monthly electrical expenses to dramatically increase. While major problems can cause financial woes, they can also result from failing to have the air conditioning system professionally serviced. Most systems will need this work to be done every year or two in order to keep the system running at peak efficiency. Fortunately, air conditioning service contractors can complete this type of basic maintenance in a matter of minutes as long as the system is free of serious mechanical problems.